Saturday, December 7, 2013

World Vision

World Vision hosted the “No Child for Sale” event on November 19th to educate MPs and government officials on the importance of protecting children from the worst forms of child labour. 32 MPs, 4 senators, and over 100 guests attended. A special thanks goes out to the Voices for Children community who sent over 1000 letters to local MPs encouraging them to attend.

 That article was took from the "voice for the world children" blog right here!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Road to the Roar

A heartbreaking loss that left us all speechless. They were so close for a moment, even that last rock was so close! Undeniable expression on Cheryl's face: Olympic's hope is over.... Great game thought, we can't deny that, it's just the result that hurts.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Road to the Roar ; in the playoffs

In the first match, Team Bernard was going against Team Webster; a 5-3 win in match that was played strategically. Webster is out and Bernard has one more win to buckle to make it to the playoffs ; mission accomplished in a brilliant 10-8 victory in which, let's be honest, Cheryl Bernard made incredible shoots in the tenth to force an extra. Team Bernard pulled out another rabbit out of the hat and won 10-8 and move to the playoffs against Team Sweeting.

It might be handy for those out of Canada to follow the match on ; oh well, in general, that's a lot better than following the live score. Thanks Allison for reminding me of it!

Next match tomorrow morning at 9am against Team Sweeting! Let's go Team Bernard!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Road to the Roar Update

Team Bernard had only one game today against Team Spencer and they found their way to victory again. Not sure that stats said it all but that win leave no doubt; Team Bernard can make it!  Next Match is tomorrow against Team Webster at 2.00pm.  GO TEAM BERNARD GO!