Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Canada Cup Memories

Well, the Canada cup is on its way on Cranbrook, BC - Team Bernard isn’t competing BUT that doesn’t mean that you can’t watch. I am sure the girls will take a peek this weekend so can you. That doesn’t mean either that we can’t go back on time and view images and videos about Team Bernard participation in that tournament. They usually do good there and I am pretty much sure that they are going to have a shot at it next year but for now, you might like to take a look here to see some great pictures, stats and score.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Boundary Ford Classic : Quarter finalist

As things happen on the ice, Team Bernard went home as a quarterfinalist this year. Under the circumstances, it isn’t so bad since Bernard had earned a spot in the provincials even before the day begins by qualifying in the playoffs.

Things looked pretty bad after 3 for Bernard who was behind 0-4. With a lot of effort and consistent play afterward, they managed to turn things around and lead 6-5 after 8 but Chyz came back and scored 3 taking a 8-6 lead and our squad ran out of rocks in the 10 ends with no other choice to shake hands.

As it is always after a loss, they were pretty disappointed, especially that they felt they were playing really good this weekend, but today wasn’t their best day, unfortunately. Team Bernard as now a little break and will come back in January for a bonspiel in Airdrie before the big event.

This is a well deserved rest for our girls. The first half of the season was totally hectic and recording 5 playoffs out of 7 tournaments this is most certainly quite impressive for a new team – well, for any team as a matter of fact. Bernard will take the fourth position on the CTRS ranking behind Ovorton-Clapham, Jones and Middaugh.

I won’t stop posting, maybe not just every day: I got many pictures to share from the Sunlife Classic since i was there on location, Cheryl will take part of a few off ice events and I will probably dig in my treasure box for some uncovered jewels while patiently waiting for our team to get back on the ice.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Boundary Ford Classic Update - in the playoffs

Efficient, that might be described best Team Bernard today. On the first match, they were meeting Team Sonnenberg. A strong start, scoring 4 with the hammer, kinda “hammered” they opponent right from the start. They were cautious for the rest of the game, trying to minimize the mistakes and stay consistent resulting on keeping that lead till the end of the match. Team Bernard wins 7-4.

On the second game, it was a rematch against Team Galucha who defeated Team Bernard on their first game but this one was the qualify through the B event so, they didn’t let that one go, but, it wasn’t that easy. At some point, Team Bernard led 6-2 until Galucha started a comeback - a little bit like Bernard had done on the first match - to level the game at 6-6 after 7. However, back with the hammer, Bernard got a deuce and stole the 9 end and finally won 9-6 to get a spot in the playoffs. Well done Team Bernard!

The quarter final match starts at 9.00am (mt) against Team Chyz. Enjoy the game Ladies!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Boundary Ford Classic Update

They were close last night, and they got it right today: 2 matches, 2 wins. First match was against Team Eyamie. A steal in the fourth and fifth ends made the big difference, giving Bernard a sufficient lead with a final score of 7-4.

In the second match, Bernard had the lead 3-2 after fifth and went on with a series of steal and confirmed a 7-2 against Team Campbell.

The next 2 matches will be played back to back. Next opponent is Team Sonnenberg at 1pm (ET) on Sunday.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Boundary Ford Classic update

It was a slow start, and then they bounced back, they even got the lead for a short moment but their opponent managed to steal the extra end. They were so close. Well, everything is good for now as they will compete in the B event tomorrow against team Eyamie in the morning at 9.00am (mt). A good night of sleep ladies, and you'll win your first one! GO GO GO

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Boundary Ford Classic

Team Bernard left yesterday to Lloydminister to compete in their last schedule tournament in 2011. At the end of this tournament, 2 more teams will qualify for the Provincials, as it is also the last tournament schedule by Dec 1 on the world tour. Nothing changes yet: Bernard leads on the CTRS ranking and Webster on the Alberta points but for Team Bernard, they will have to go one step further of Sonnenberg and Webster to get one of those 2 spots remaining. First match today is schedule at 5pm after one of the 32 teams withdrawn.

The team that coudn't make it is the Team of Carolyn Darbyshire, our second of the Silver medal team.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Lori

I am a couple of hours early, but in case I forget it, it is Lori's birthday on November 24th. They are heading to Lloydminister this weekend, maybe she can pay herself a treat and be part of the winning team this weekend. ;)

Have a great one Lori!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunlife Update

So, that will be it for Team Bernard at the Sunlife Classic. Yesterday's match against Potter didn't end for our Girls either. The 6th end could have turned things around –and it did but not in their way- as they had 5 stones in the house and only one blue in, but conveniently place for second shot. At the time, it was 5-3 potter and they wanted to get the big hit to score more than 2 If Bernard last rock manages to find the house and pushes the opponent stone away, but 21 ends later, call it fatigue or whatever you want, she wasn’t sharp enough and hit a guard to score only one.

They were very disappointed, losing is always a pain, but in early round, on matches you should have won, this is just so sad. We were all sad. They started strong this season, so, a lot of expectation from them but they will come around and come back stronger at their next tournament this weekend as we learn more by losing.

I took thousand of pictures, still sorting them out. I will put them on our facebook and blog, and the best on our Gallery. Of course, i will keep a couple for my personal flickr. I will let you know in time when it will be done.

Sabrina, don’t forget to contact me via facebook. I will try to keep my hand of the bargain.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sunlife Update

Have you even been robbed of a victory ? well, that what happened in this fourth match against strong. It had been a tough match, nothing was easy, but Bernard had set the perfect table to steal the winning point and even Strong, once her last stone was thrown thought she had lost it, but it managed to push away Team Bernard stone enough to win in the most dramatic way. So the girls had to get back on the ice in 10 minutes, in another club, with this feeling still in their chest. That a short delay to refocus and stay positive.

Sunlife Update

Rendezvous at the Brant curling club in early in the morning. I arrived a little late but still got a spot right behind them. It was a match with ups and downs, but at the end, it was Bernard being the most consistent. They did what they had to do to win. Make the final Team Bernard 6 Team Holland 4. Now the day wasn’t over as we move to another curling club 3 hours later. A little time for a little nap and back on action at 3pm against Team Strong.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Sunlife Update

You always have to wait for all the other matches are over to go out there. We were still at the same curling club, this time on sheet 1 and I got the whole corner to put my stuff and update right from the ice. Those who follow us from facebook, could actually get the score before it gets online. I decided to go on the ice to take picture and watch the rest of it from there.

I could see the girls weren’t at their best but still, manage to make it 5-5 in the seventh end but Middaugh had the hammer coming home and set up a perfect trap to get 2 so, Bernard slides to the B event and played at 8.30am in the morning against Team Holland.

Sunlife Update

She had it ready, and I got a “coach” pass to wander around and go wherever I wanted with access to the ice. I was on time for Team Bernard match; I even bumped into them at my arrival. I got to meet the girls and then, when to get the best spot near the ice.

First thing you have to know, is that this tournament is played in 3 different locations – the Brant curling club, the Brantford Golf and Country Club and the Paris Curling Club. Our first location is The Brantford Golf and Country Club. Nice location and very nice People. Lots of volunteers around to make sure the players got everything.

And there they were downstairs, warming up and getting ready to hit the ice. The teams got 10 minutes on the ice to practice, as it is always in these events. Their opponent was Smith Dacey, who defeated Team Bernard earlier this season so that was sure going to be a great battle and it was. Team Bernard was consistent and I remember one of these great hit and roll for 2 Cheryl had to do on her last rock in the fourth end to take a good lead to which they hold on all match match.

Next match up against Team Middaugh who is on a nice streak, Girl you gotta be careful to night.

The livescore says 7-4 but was it actually 7-3? lol but now, being on location, I understand that it is not always easy for those updating the livescore – that’s why it takes time at times : because the players wait before adding their score on the board and only them really know. If we assume, like I once did, we are sometimes wrong.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I’ll be in BrantFord with the Girls

It was a last minute decision, but i got my 2 day off: I’ll be heading to Brantford to night and i’ll be there on time for Team Bernard first match. I might have access to the ice and with my new baby, no doubt i am going to make great pictures. I doubt i'll be able to report from the ice, but i'll try to keep you posted through facebook! See you then!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SunLife Draw

Lot of big team are making it to Brandford. Team Bernard is on the bottom part of the draw (qualifier 2) and they have a relatively hard way there but if they are able to stay focus and play a good curling, they sure have a good chance to make it to the playoffs.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

CTRS Ranking Battle

There is a tight fight on the top of the CTRS ranking and 3 teams of Alberta are in top 6, six in the top 10. Team Bernard is 4th but the score are so close that for now, it would be foolish to predict who’s going to finish first.

For now, we are looking at the Alberta Provincials which will be held on January 25-29, 2012 in Leduc. 12 teams will be competing in the Sobeys arena to earn the right to represent Alberta at the tournament of hearts. Kleibrink was the first team to qualify followed by Nedohin as the leader of the CTRS points last year. 2 spots will be given by dec 1 – the leading team on the CTRS points this year and the leading points team for world curling tour events in Alberta.

As we speak, Team Bernard is still the leader in the CTRS ranking (in the alberta teams), but our squad is followed very closely by Team Sonnenberg who gained ground last week with semi in Red Deer. The good news is, Sonneberg is not playing this week so we are wishing all the best toTeam Bernard who will try to get some distance between them.

Crystal Webster as an interesting lead for the World Tour event in Alberta with one event remaining by Dec 1 so better chance for Bernard is to stay in front of those 2 them in the CTRS ranking.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Team Bernard Gallery

Did you pay a visit to Team Bernard gallery? It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Some exclusive shoots sent by members of the team. We’re trying to add at least one by event but in the heat of the moment, it is not always possible but stay tuned, more to come.

And if you ever get caught by nostalgia, there is always a small gallery for the olympic silver medal team in there.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Cheryl shooting for Berry Naturals

Friday was quite a busy day for the skip of Team Bernard as she curled and shoot for Berry Natural, to talk just about that. A video will be release shortly to promote the Serenity Oil. I’ll keep you posted about it.

You can see the original here.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Between The Sheets : The Silver Lining quote

“Players who realized it was only a game and not life or death, yet still treated their passion with respect, performed at much higher levels when the stakes were highest. These players still grieved after devastating losses, but were able to recover much quicker and get on with life”

Don't forget to get your autographed copy buy buying it on Team Bernard website.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Into High school book

Cool huh? Cori received that from one of the kids she coached during a summer camp this year. Thanks for sharing Guys!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Ray Kingsmith Award Article

Last year, during the Automn Gold, Susan O’Connor, our third, was rewarded of this great award for her huge contribution to women curling. Each year, before naming the next recipient, the Autumn Gold website always does an article to remember the previous one. You can read it on the website here, but I added below to keep it safe.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Skins Part I

It had been said earlier, in April, there will be a rematch between Martin and Bernard. Since several of you have been asking for more videos because well, we miss the girls! I thought mixing those 2 elements would be nice so I will do some sort of recap of the TSN skins game match from last January. That was great to watch : It’s not every day that the old bear got a scare.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Red Deer Update

Well, it was a hard day at the office for Team Bernard and this time, Asham didn’t make any mistake. First match was against Jones and while Jones was scoring 2, Team Bernard was forced to score one so it ended with a 8-3 win for Jones and this time, Bernard really slides to the C event.
Either they didn’t have time to regroup or it was simply a bad day, but full credit to Scheiddegger who took full advantage of it. Team Bernard did better than last year in Red Deer but it wasn’t enough to make it to the playoffs.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Red Deer Update

Following the livescore today was difficult – sorry Asham Website, but your updater was screwing up big time. After adding score to the wrong teams, they also spread around the wrong winner. Either the updater don’t know the team - which I would find quite odd since people around curling should know the teams - or simply sleeping on the switch but that was not a good day for the website.

And, the day started slow for Bernard , especially on their first match as they were losing 0-3 before bouncing back - a little too late: Law stole 2 in the last end to get away with the win, which sent Bernard to the B event.

So then our squad had to face Holland. Bernard has a good record against her but at some point, Team Bernard was trailing 4-1 but bounced back by scoring 3 in the 7th end, and stealing one in the eight so they won 5-4. On that, I could debate on how much Asham messed up spreading around for an hour that Holland won, but at the end, what matter is that Bernard did win this match. They will face Team Jennifer Jones tomorrow morning at 9am with an extra hour of sleep.

Don’t forget to change time!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Red Deer Classic Update

That is a good start: 2 close games but consistent enough to win. On both matches, they let their opponents scored 3 but but each time, they managed to contain the damage and bounced back.

Next match is tomorrow morning at 11.15am (ct) against Team Kelley Law. Skip Law, for those who remember, is the bronze medalist in Salt Lake - 2002 Olympic Games. Stay Focus Ladies!