Friday, November 18, 2011

Sunlife Update

She had it ready, and I got a “coach” pass to wander around and go wherever I wanted with access to the ice. I was on time for Team Bernard match; I even bumped into them at my arrival. I got to meet the girls and then, when to get the best spot near the ice.

First thing you have to know, is that this tournament is played in 3 different locations – the Brant curling club, the Brantford Golf and Country Club and the Paris Curling Club. Our first location is The Brantford Golf and Country Club. Nice location and very nice People. Lots of volunteers around to make sure the players got everything.

And there they were downstairs, warming up and getting ready to hit the ice. The teams got 10 minutes on the ice to practice, as it is always in these events. Their opponent was Smith Dacey, who defeated Team Bernard earlier this season so that was sure going to be a great battle and it was. Team Bernard was consistent and I remember one of these great hit and roll for 2 Cheryl had to do on her last rock in the fourth end to take a good lead to which they hold on all match match.

Next match up against Team Middaugh who is on a nice streak, Girl you gotta be careful to night.

The livescore says 7-4 but was it actually 7-3? lol but now, being on location, I understand that it is not always easy for those updating the livescore – that’s why it takes time at times : because the players wait before adding their score on the board and only them really know. If we assume, like I once did, we are sometimes wrong.

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