Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mine Mine Mine

My picture of the day, a gift from me to me. The orignal signature of Team Bernard. Memorable moment of their win at the Olympics Trial, the Roar of the rings.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Strategies and Communication

What i like about this game is the multiple strategies to consider and it is amazing to think of all the possibilities. Communication is a key factor.

I think it is a part of Bernard Team success. Cheryl doesn’t hesitate to ask her teammates about strategies during a match. How many times have we heard cheryl say: « What do you guys like ? ». And then they start a discussion about what is going to be their next move and the opinion of each really matter.

Olympics Favorite Screen Caps - Match 2 - Part II

It is hard to choose among those hundred of images. Cheryl Bernard had a lot to do against Japan, as they took the lead by 3-0 after a miss by Cheryl, but they managed to climb back. We all remember this wonderful throw by Cheryl when she prevented Japan to score 3 points in the eight end. They were even able to score 2 in the last end to win the match right then instead of going in en extra.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Picture of the day

Cheryl on the curling show

Cheryl was interviewed yesterday morning and it were 20 very interesting minutes with our favorite Skip. They talked about the Olympics and the experience around it. They also talked about the importance of winning the last tournament of the year and few other subjects including their schedule for next season. I will quote her in a later post.

Olympics Favorite Screen Caps - Match 2 - Part I

Monday, April 26, 2010

Grey Power Players' Championship - Shot of the match

Since my picture of the day was a reminder of this great victory at the Grey Power Players's Championship few weeks ago, i thought it was imperative to see again the shot of the match, which gave the victory to Team Bernard. A beautiful throw by a classy player good for 3 points to defeat Team Crystal Webster 6-4.

Picture of the day

Ok, that's it! I found one. The Grey Power Players' Champions!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Picture of the day

Is it possible to get tired of looking at Cheryl getting ready to throw a stone? This high class curling ladies and gentlemen!

This is from the large collection of screen caps i have. This one is from the Olympics against Japan, which are the screen caps i am selecting in a near future post to be, reason of my choice for today's image.

Right on the button

Ok, i took that from the Morning Roar online magazine, modified it a little but Cheryl was on the front page after the first day of competition of the Roar of the Rings, i thought it was pretty cool and i like those pictures quite a lot.

Team Bernard were the only team in the top four to win their opening match. She needed a precise double takeout to score a 10th end fiver and overhaul Thunder Bay's Krista McCarville 11-7. You want to see that point? i got it right here;

"yeah, just a double routine for five" quipped Bernard, "But you know, that's the one we wanted to win".

Remembering Roar of the Rings

There are lots of things to say about the performance Team Bernard shown at this Roar of the rings to earn their place at the Olympics. I could write several paragraphs just about it. They had such a great run losing only one game, which didn’t have much importance since they had already a place strait to the final. But let’s start with those pretty pics, and some quotes from our Skip. I'll add information about it, for those who missed it, or just want to see it all over again.

"Don't be heavy," Bernard said with a laugh. "That's what I was thinking. You just have more adrenalin going and I just tried to throw it and not think what this was for. I was a little worried but then it began to curl and I knew it would grab.

"It's amazing. I don't know what to say. My team was incredible. They did everything they needed to, and they kept calm."

"We've lost a lot of heartbreakers over the years and all that was for this," she said. "And that's good. Whatever it did, all the losses were worth this win. All those years. I've got a lot of them. Am I going to be the oldest Olympian?"

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Picture of the day

Our Gals in Montréal

Hey, that was close from my hometown! The 2010 Olympics Medalists had all« rendezvous » in Montréal at the Centre Bell yesterday to introduce new members into the Olympics Hall of Fame. Cheryl couldn’t make it, but Cori, Carolyn and Susan were there to represent Team Bernard carrying with proud their pretty silver Medal.


I am a photo girl! I like to collect images. An image says a lot to me and it worth a thousand words. I think I got around 1000 images of Cheryl, gathering them for about 4 months and more than a half are from the Olympics (and 2000 screen caps but who counts? Lots of them are photo quality images even).

I think there is just more to do with pictures to make them feel new all over again. So, these are some banners I did and used recently! You'll recognize my style, obviously and well, i know some can do a lot better then i do, but i really like the Roar of the Rings one.