Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Grey Power: Team Bernard won 6-5

Their opponents were the members of Team Harrison from Alliston, Ontario. The match started quite good for Bernard taking the lead 4-1 after the first half of the match. But then, things started to get a little complicated due probably to their lack of competition: it was their first match since they won this great Silver Medal at the Olympics.

It went so complicated that, Team Harrison manage to steal one point at the sixth frame and 2 points into the next to get ahead in the match. However, Bernard had the hammer in this eight and last end and pulled out some good curling to finally recorded a win.

"You just have to take it a little easy because we haven't played a lot," said Bernard. "Everything was a little wobbly tonight but we'll get back into it. They say it's like riding a bike so I'm sure it will all come back."

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