Saturday, April 17, 2010

Grey Power : Into the final

Things started a little bit slow for team Bernard as they didn't have yesterday's edge at the beginning of the match. They were quickly trailing behind, after few missed shots it was 4-0 as Team Belisle continued to play the great curling they played all week. But slowly, the momentum started to shift and Cheryl and her team were slowly finding back their confidence. It started by scoring 2 with the hammer and stealing 1 point in the fifth and sixth end. It was 4-4 with the 2 frames remaining to play.

Team Belisle finally scored a point to take the lead after 7, but was leaving the hammer to Team Bernard in the last end: last end, no! Cheryl did a great shot to level up the score and forced an extra. Placing their yellow stone behind guards, they nicely worked their way to keep it safe until the end and stole a point for Victory.

They will meet in final later today the Team of Crystal Webster who won their match 6-5 against Team Lawton.

Let’s also mention that it is possible for Team Bernard to pass Team Jones for the Grand Slam bonus but they have to win the title. Let’s cross our fingers for our girls, and hopefully they will carry on with them the momentum of this great victory. It wasn’t a stellar match, but they were able to do the shots when it mattered.

This pic is a little crappy, since it is a screen cap of the live stream I was watching, but, I had to add a pic of this win.

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