Saturday, April 17, 2010

Grey Power : Team Bernard Champion

This is what I called nerves of steel and they were certainly put to work today. After the semis this morning, things weren’t that easy either this afternoon. The match started pretty good for Team Bernard though, scoring 2 points in the first end, and able to contain damage in the second: 2-1. In the third end, Team Webster stole a point, then another in the following end. Finally able to score in the fifth, Team Bernard will have to be happy with just one point: 3-2.

Back with the Hammer, Team Webster got a point in a pack of stones stored in the middle of the house: 3-3 after 5 ends. In the sixth end, Bernard had the hammer but her last rock slit too far and Webster took the lead 4-3. Seventh end was a hit and rolled out all along, so here they were in the possibly last end, with the hammer. Again, there were a pack of stones in the middle of the house, 2 yellows, 2 reds: Bernard really thrown the stone of the match, maybe even of the tournament, to disperse the yellow stones and keep in the 4 foot 3 reds scoring, leaving a very cold draw for Webster that she couldn't accomplished. 6-4 Team Bernard.

As the tournament champions, Team Bernard won $25,000 and earned $45,000 Canadian Team Ranking System Points. Also, our girls go ahead of Team Jones in the run for their performance of the Capital one grand slam of curling events and earned a little bonus of $50,000.

“After coming off the Olympics, winning the Trials, I think we just wanted to come out and prove that wasn’t just a one off thing,” said Bernard. “We are having a good year and this is something we wanted to show. It was really important not to show any complacency. Not to just come out and say that was good enough. The Olympics was good enough. I’m proud of us for that.”

“It means a lot to us to win this Cup,” “It means you've been steady through the year. It means you've peaked when you've needed to in the events. It's a really important trophy to win.”

“It’s right up there, it’s a huge win against the best teams in the world,” Bernard said of the victory on the final leg of the Capital One Grand Slam of Curling. “I think it feels really good after the Olympics, too. We’ve had a good run these last few months. It feels fantastic.”

This is what a called finished a season with style. Congratulations Team Bernard.

Cheryl, that was one hell of a shot you did in the last end! And that was one hell of season your lead your team through. You shown nerves, you were able to do the shots when it mattered. I know you couldn’t have done it without those 3 great women, but, they couldn’t have done it without you. You are the skip of this team and there are many reasons for it.

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