Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Proof

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, here’s the proof...

A proof of what exactly? That Cheryl is in a great shape? That Cheryl has a great shape? Stunning isn’t she? Well, mainly, it is the proof of the tattoo she got a week after Team Bernard won the Roar of the rings, which qualified them for the 2010 Olympics winter games, remember?

She confirmed that Cori and Susan got it did got it but Carolyn, after pleas from her daughter didn’t do it after all.

"It was probably two or three years ago when we started this process and Cori and I are actually the ones who kind of decided this is what we're going to do," Bernard said in an interview Thursday at her Calgary gym. "I don't know that I ever believed it would happen and Cori reminded me the minute we won."

"I'm like, if I'm ever going to get a tattoo this is going to be the one I wanted," Bernard said. "It's something even my grandmother would approve of."

"It hurt a lot," she said. "this is the first and the last."

For Cheryl, the tattoo means "the hard work, and proud to be Canadian"

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