Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Olympian honoured in Calgary

Hundreds of fans had rendez-vous Monday afternoon at the Olympic Plaza to celebrate their province athletes and their performances at the Vancouver Winter Games.

Of course, our Skip was there, among other athletes such Jon Montgomery, Melissa Hollingsworth and Carla McLeod. I added a picture of Cheryl with her white hat and some quotes from her while she was there.

"It's the first time I've ever received a white hat so it means a lot. It will go up on my wall".

"It was really positive that Own The Podium, more money was put in after the Olympics. We're going to keep advocating for that and keep showing what that money is doing for the athletes."

"I do think that Canadians are going to follow the athletes and remember the pride they felt about their country”.

"This is amazing! Calgary is always so great for that, so it’s great to see them all. It was the most amazing time of our life and we will never forget it".

One thing for sure Cheryl, we were proud that you were Canadian! We just hope you will hang around for some more years.

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