Monday, April 12, 2010

Picture of the day

In the curling world, Cheryl is well known being among the best for quite a while now, if you are in touch with curling, you know, a little, about Mrs. Bernard. Yes, a little: Cheryl always been a private person, another reason why we admire her.

However, the Olympics put her in the spotlight, and if there is a little more said about her, there are lot more pictures to discover. I decided to introduce a new daily feature: the picture of the day.

Internet is a useful picture gathering tool. It is true to say that we can’t always find THE rare picture or the unique pose because if we can find it, everybody can but If you keep looking, it is just amazing the amount of discovery we can make.
I have stuff to keep this thread open for 3 years, but I will try to add my new founding first.
You gotta like the expression!

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