Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Grey Power : Team Bernard lost 2-8

That was a tough game, especially to follow on the live score board, but eventually, this had to happen. They were playing great curling when they add to stop following Olympics Obligations. Like Cheryl said yesterday, they are a little rusty but team Nedohin just had it today i guess.

The match started up easy going teams winning their point with the hammer. In the third end, Nedohin took the lead with a 3 points added to the scoreboard. Trying to recover from this 1-4 score, Team Bernard could not do better then just a point. They couldn’t get the momentum back and with the hammer in hand, Team Nedohin recorded another 3 points which was fatal. So, when they returned in the sixth end they needed to score more then a point to stay alive, and they couldn’t.

It is not the end of the tournament, no no no! They will play team Hastings tomorrow within the draw B, hopefully, this lost will serve as a practice and they will turn it into positive energy to get in the zone again!

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