Sunday, November 27, 2011

Boundary Ford Classic Update - in the playoffs

Efficient, that might be described best Team Bernard today. On the first match, they were meeting Team Sonnenberg. A strong start, scoring 4 with the hammer, kinda “hammered” they opponent right from the start. They were cautious for the rest of the game, trying to minimize the mistakes and stay consistent resulting on keeping that lead till the end of the match. Team Bernard wins 7-4.

On the second game, it was a rematch against Team Galucha who defeated Team Bernard on their first game but this one was the qualify through the B event so, they didn’t let that one go, but, it wasn’t that easy. At some point, Team Bernard led 6-2 until Galucha started a comeback - a little bit like Bernard had done on the first match - to level the game at 6-6 after 7. However, back with the hammer, Bernard got a deuce and stole the 9 end and finally won 9-6 to get a spot in the playoffs. Well done Team Bernard!

The quarter final match starts at 9.00am (mt) against Team Chyz. Enjoy the game Ladies!

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