Monday, November 28, 2011

Boundary Ford Classic : Quarter finalist

As things happen on the ice, Team Bernard went home as a quarterfinalist this year. Under the circumstances, it isn’t so bad since Bernard had earned a spot in the provincials even before the day begins by qualifying in the playoffs.

Things looked pretty bad after 3 for Bernard who was behind 0-4. With a lot of effort and consistent play afterward, they managed to turn things around and lead 6-5 after 8 but Chyz came back and scored 3 taking a 8-6 lead and our squad ran out of rocks in the 10 ends with no other choice to shake hands.

As it is always after a loss, they were pretty disappointed, especially that they felt they were playing really good this weekend, but today wasn’t their best day, unfortunately. Team Bernard as now a little break and will come back in January for a bonspiel in Airdrie before the big event.

This is a well deserved rest for our girls. The first half of the season was totally hectic and recording 5 playoffs out of 7 tournaments this is most certainly quite impressive for a new team – well, for any team as a matter of fact. Bernard will take the fourth position on the CTRS ranking behind Ovorton-Clapham, Jones and Middaugh.

I won’t stop posting, maybe not just every day: I got many pictures to share from the Sunlife Classic since i was there on location, Cheryl will take part of a few off ice events and I will probably dig in my treasure box for some uncovered jewels while patiently waiting for our team to get back on the ice.

Stay tuned!

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