Saturday, November 5, 2011

Red Deer Update

Following the livescore today was difficult – sorry Asham Website, but your updater was screwing up big time. After adding score to the wrong teams, they also spread around the wrong winner. Either the updater don’t know the team - which I would find quite odd since people around curling should know the teams - or simply sleeping on the switch but that was not a good day for the website.

And, the day started slow for Bernard , especially on their first match as they were losing 0-3 before bouncing back - a little too late: Law stole 2 in the last end to get away with the win, which sent Bernard to the B event.

So then our squad had to face Holland. Bernard has a good record against her but at some point, Team Bernard was trailing 4-1 but bounced back by scoring 3 in the 7th end, and stealing one in the eight so they won 5-4. On that, I could debate on how much Asham messed up spreading around for an hour that Holland won, but at the end, what matter is that Bernard did win this match. They will face Team Jennifer Jones tomorrow morning at 9am with an extra hour of sleep.

Don’t forget to change time!

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