Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunlife Update

So, that will be it for Team Bernard at the Sunlife Classic. Yesterday's match against Potter didn't end for our Girls either. The 6th end could have turned things around –and it did but not in their way- as they had 5 stones in the house and only one blue in, but conveniently place for second shot. At the time, it was 5-3 potter and they wanted to get the big hit to score more than 2 If Bernard last rock manages to find the house and pushes the opponent stone away, but 21 ends later, call it fatigue or whatever you want, she wasn’t sharp enough and hit a guard to score only one.

They were very disappointed, losing is always a pain, but in early round, on matches you should have won, this is just so sad. We were all sad. They started strong this season, so, a lot of expectation from them but they will come around and come back stronger at their next tournament this weekend as we learn more by losing.

I took thousand of pictures, still sorting them out. I will put them on our facebook and blog, and the best on our Gallery. Of course, i will keep a couple for my personal flickr. I will let you know in time when it will be done.

Sabrina, don’t forget to contact me via facebook. I will try to keep my hand of the bargain.

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