Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cheryl Bernard – Still the same

I thought, to continue my «Team Bernard encore» at the Olympics, I needed a little something special, so I did my own recollection. Curling is a tough sport and requires lots of ingredient to be among the best team. It’s a long achievement and Team Bernard worked hard to make it there. Lots of it came out of that video and you can truly see that they care about each other. I hope you will enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Through all these years, after all this hard work, after everything that happened, i think that those who are close to Cheryl will agree to say that she still the same...


  1. ez szuper lett!tényleg tetszik,jó a zene,jó lett a klipp.Ugyes vagy!Kár,hogy nem értessz talán lefordithatod....

    Ui:Hungarian honestly, maybe turn it down and write me

  2. Our Hungarian friend nyugicanada said that it was a great clip and like the music. He wish he could speak English so we would understand.

    Köszönjük a hozzászólást nyugicanada! Thank you for your comment.

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    Magyarul : szeretlek titeket!
    Jó,hogy vannak még ilyen emberek!Thank you! :-)