Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Canada Cup starts tomorrow

Yep, tomorrow, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Cheryl and her teammates will be on the ice at 8.30am (MT) for their first Match against Team Scott. I wish i could be there, especially that matches won't be shown on TV before the semis. If you ask me, the qualifications matches are quite something to see. I wish we could have more. You can read more about the Canada Cup or consult the 2010 draw here. But before the excitement starts, here are some captions from the video they used to promote the events.


  1. Helo!

    Go Cheryl,go!
    Szurkolok Nektek innen Magyarországról!
    Szerezzetek örömöt nekünk!

  2. Helo!

    you can page ,Where the game looks?