Sunday, December 5, 2010

Canada Cup Update : Team Bernard Runner-Up

Team Bernard didn't win today, but they can be happy, they did play great curling this weekend, but Lawton was just better today, a little bit more consistent. Some comment of our Skip about this loss.

“They never were behind the T-line. I really noticed that,” said Bernard. “They were always getting rocks in there, and we were always chasing, and we weren’t quite making it. And you’ve got to be the other way around with them” .

“Losing still feels horrible. It wasn’t our best game, for sure, and those guys were having a great game,” added Bernard, whose team took home a $15,000 consolation prize for second place, plus another $3,200 for their round-robin exploits. Not bad at all at say.

“We even said after the third or fourth end that we had to start having them chase us, and we never, ever got there. The ice was a little straighter, and we just never got the shots in there first.”

That’s huge when you’re in such a tight game. I think if we could have kept the game close, we would have eventually got an end where we were making them chase us,” said Bernard. “But giving up a three on that ice? It was the weight I wanted to throw. We just kept thinking it would curl, and it just didn’t. It was a different sheet of ice than it had been all week.”

* edit: Ok, i need to explain my prior title, that was, Team Bernard Vice-Champion. In French, there is this expression for the team, athletes, or whomever that finish second. I think it's a positive way to indicate a positive event: even after losing a final, making the final is a great thing.

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  1. Helo!
    I love you so.This good result is.I happy for you.
    continued success!
    Santa Claus is coming very soon! :-)