Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Players' Championship update

That's the right way to start with a very nice win over Team Overton-Clapham 7-4. the foursome kept high % through the game and kept their cool even if their opponents were able to keep up. Tomorrow's match up against Team Shannon Kleibrink: a big match already, but that will certainly set the tone and say more about how they are feeling out there. Go Team Bernard Go!

Some quotes from the skip regarding this last event with her teammates Cori and Carolyn when she was asked if the emotions will affect their game :

"No, that'll be off the ice - that'll happen with a glass of wine after dinner," Cheryl said. "With the Olympics, we've dealt with emotions before. So I don't think focus is going to be a problem. You want to go out and win everything you're in."

"I'm sure at the end of the event, when it's all said and done - I don't know if we'll be emotional - but we will reflect on what we've accomplished… and ... yeah ... I'm sure we'll get a little emotional about the whole thing.

"We took four people that were decent, high-level players and put something together to create something pretty special," she the skip. "To get those personalities to work so well together, it doesn't really happen often. That's rare when that happens."


  1. Go Team Bernard! Is there anywhere to watch the Players' Championship online?

  2. At the moment, only the final. I will keep you posted if there is a live stream available for other match.