Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Join Cheryl at the 24th annual miracle weekend

Cheryl Bernard is one busy woman: the season is over since April and she hasn’t stopped one minute since: there are some causes that she just can’t say no to. We learned yesterday about a dinner to help Grayson raising funds to build their curling rink. That Dinner is on June 7th but before that, she is going to spend the weekend in BC for 24th annual miracle weekend.

Aside that fact that a lot of money will be raised for the Children’s hospital, this event will be broadcasted online (i suppose, for Canadian residents only –i hope it includes Quebec). If it is online and i can access it, be sure that I’ll show you some bits of it.

I was able to find another goody from the Kurl for Kids event held in April at the Oakville Curling Club. This picture comes from Brian Waugh who had the chance to meet Cheryl.

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