Thursday, March 22, 2012

Provincial Mixed

2 more matches today for Team Cheryl Bernard in this mixed competition, and that was a pretty good day too. I exchanged a few words with Lori and Cheryl between the 2 games and that they were having a great time.

In the first match, Cheryl, Terry, Lori and Engene kinda set the pace scoring a big 3 in the second end. Keeping the edge all match, they won 9-4 against Team Simmons. After a break, they went back on the ice – it started slowly, then, they came back stronger, to afterward toned it down a little: they needed an extra end to finally won 10-8 against the only other undefeated team at the times, Team Balderston.

Our squad takes the lead of the pool with a 4-0 record and will be back on the ice tomorrow at 1pm.

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