Monday, October 8, 2012

Autumn Gold Classic

That will be a quarter final for Team Bernard this year again at the Curler Corner Autumn Classic. Homan was in control and when she got her chance, she scored big. Our girls tried to come back but the damage was done.

No rest of the wicked – Team Bernard next tournament starts this Friday.

It is obviously the last run for the Olympics for Cheryl but she isn't thinking about it right now as she still love practicing but it did crossed her mind. Here are some comments she left to Allen Cameron.

  “I did think about that at the beginning of the season when we were planning it, and realizing that this will be the last time I do this kind of a run,” said Bernard,  “It’s funny. I wanted to go practice when I got back on Sunday from Vernon (after missing playoffs at last weekend’s WCT stop). We were up at five in the morning to come home, and I wanted to go throw rocks that afternoon. That’s the only question I always have — if I still have that kind of drive. Is the timing right? Do I wait until I can’t stand doing it anymore? I don’t know. But it’s a tough decision to make when you still love practicing and throwing rocks, and competing.”

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