Saturday, January 5, 2013

Southern Alberta Playdowns

On the menu today, 3 matches, nothing less. Even harder when at the end of the day, you gotta fight to stay alive; the 2 first matches were tough losses. Trailing, twice they come back and ended up a little short – Hamilton won 8-7 and Jensen 9-7. After that, you can’t even think of losing, because you’ll be out and you gotta win the 4 straight games to make it. To do so, you still gotta take not only one match at the time, but one end at the time; so they came back on the ice with their best curling and won 11-2 against Team Brown.

Going to bed with positive vibes, and needing it, Team Bernard will play tomorrow at 9.30am(mt) against Amy Nixon and co. so let’s crosses our fingers for our girls. If a team can do it, it’s team Bernard. Let’s go Girls.

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