Sunday, October 13, 2013

Autumn gold update

What a great day of competition it was for Team Bernard, too bad they didn’t win their last match ... it was their third. First match was against Team Nielsen from Denmark and that was a great battle that ended 6-5 for Team Bernard as they scored a deuce to prevent an extra end.

Couple of hours later, they had the chance to get a rematch against the team that defeated them on their first match and this time, it was a different story. The 4th end was crucial, as Team Bernard scored 3 to get a lead that they kept till the end. Team Bernard 5 Team Auld 3.

 So, their last match was against Team Jones. You know Team Jones, very offensive and I’d say this match was different from what we would have thought but Jones got the best... Team Bernard losing 1-4.

It was the last tournament before the pre-trials which will start Tuesday, November 5th. I will be updating every step of the way and we hope that Team Bernard will be able to get one of the two remaining spot for the Olympic Trials in December. Till then, they will practice and do everything they can to make that happen.

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