Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Road to the Road Update

Well, that wasn't the start we excepted, but now we have to live with it - and if a team can do it, it's Team Bernard. Ok, in short, Team Bernard lost their 2 games today. The first one started pretty bad with McCarville taking a 4-0 before the break. Then, Team Bernard started to play better and came back, but it was a little too late, falling short of a point ; Team Bernard 5 Team McCarville 6.

So, since you are playing the Road to the Road with 11 great teams, your next opponent is long time nemesis Shannon Kleibrink. If we dig a little, maybe we will find out that those 2 women have one of the longest rivalry in curling, but one thing for sure, that will be a great battle, too early for that kinf of battle if you ask me. Still, it was a better start, more consistent play but still not enough; they lost 5-6.

So you can guess that after such a day, Dennis needed a little something to relax after what it been through. Now, Team Bernard is in a precarious position as no more loss is allowed but if a team can make it, it's Team Bernard.  We gotta believe!!!

So ladies, go get a good night sleep and come back stronger for you next game. Oh, and opponent is going to be Spencer and the match is at 7pm tomorrow.


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