Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pictures from the sunlife Classic

It took me a while but I finally got through my curling pictures taken in Brantford. I hadn’t talk about it on the blog but you can guess that it was quite an experience and an adventure: not only I decided to go only 2 days before the tournament started but it’s not like it is right next door. It is even only on location that I made my hotel reservation for my stay.

It was great to be there and gave the girls a high five or a hug after matches instead of texting them a few words. It was great to see how people are supportive and amazing to realize that when fans talk about a match it’s : "we scored 2, or we were stolen 2 or we played tomorrow morning at 8.30am". Some people drove hours to make it there. A guy even has Cheryl’s name tattooed on her forearm.

People knew who I was : “are you the girls that post for them?” not that my “coach” pass was telling anything but they just knew. They were asking me favors, telling me that I am doing a good job and hope that I was going to share my pictures. Even Team Bernard driver wouldn’t have left without telling me but she didn’t have to because the girls looked for me. That was awesome... I hope to do it again.

Thanks the volunteers to have been so nice to me. Thanks to the fans for their support and thanks to Cheryl, Susan, Lori and Jennifer: I know it wasn’t your best tournament, but it was great to hang on with you.

To see my favourite picture of the tournament, visit team Bernard gallery and yup, they will be more to come.

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