Thursday, December 1, 2011

Who’s in Cranbrook?

Carolyn Darbyshire answered the call Kleibrink gave her once again but this time, she has to fit different shoes : she is the lead of Team Kleibrink. Chelsea Matson decided to stay in Saskatchewan to be with her father who is having some health problems.

Our Silver medal second, was known to be one of the best hitter in the women’s game and it’s been a while since she hasn’t play as a lead. "I'm playing a lot more draws. A LOT more draws. I threw a lot of draws in practice on the weekend, just to get the feeling of it, and a lot of hack-weight shots for the tick shots."

Darbyshire played second earlier this season with Kleibrink for 2 tournaments – this time as a second and the team had a streak of 13 victories. She will probably continue on as a second for a while as Bronwen Webster is expecting her first child in March.

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