Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The day after Silver

"The day after the gold medal loss reminded us to cherish our achievement. We asked our driver to stop a Starbucks in Richmond. We were all in baseball hats and jeans – so we head into this Starbucks and place our order. While we were, the barista behind the counter making our drink begins to sing “O’Canada” as loud as you could imagine – all by herself. Then, one by one, customers started to join in - the people off the street joined in and sang the entirenational anthem to our team – we just stood there with tears in our eyes." –Cheryl Bernard

"Then someone else broke into song singing “ for they are jolly good curlers” which keep the tears coming. The same day we went to one of the medeia centres at Robson Square. While there, our liaison took us out on the public stage and introduces us to all the families that were there to celebrate the Olympics. We received a standing ovation, and all of us were once again reduces to ters. It was incredible touching." – Cori Bartel

"The Saturday after the medal games, we were still a little down from not winning the final when we when Starbucks to get a caffeine fix. The barista and staff recognized us and proceeded to song, “Oh Canada” and the costumers joined in, and we all started crying! This really picked us ip. Then we went on to Robson Square and we’re treated so wonderfully by all the people and the kids, it was great. This made us realize the accomplishments we did, and the fact that we had so many people behind us and that believed in ys and who were truly very happy for us. We had no idea that we had helped create a lot of interest for people who hadn’t watching much curling in their lives. And now they were telling us that they wanted to try and lay this game which we love! It was a phenomenal feeling!" -Carolyn Darbyshire.

"The morning after the final we had commitment to doing some media down at the media centre on Robson Square. I think that we were still all feeling exhausted and pretty blue, like we had disappointed everyone by losing the gold. We did some interviews and then we were asked if we could go out to the stage on the square to wave at the public. We said sure and out we went. Nothing could have prepared us for the outpouring of love we felt. There was so much cheering and well wishing. Everyone seemed so genuinely supportive and proud of us. People wanting to shake our hands, give us a high five, or taking picture of us with their kids. it was just so cathartic . I definitely felt like we WON the silver after leaving there." – Susan O’Connor.

You can read more about that story and Team Bernard's experiences at the Olympics from the chapter "From Lanigan to Wallstreet" in "Between the Sheet: the Silver Lining".

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  1. Love these clips from the book I read last year. Nice to get a comment from each of the girls. You could see how sad Susan was right after the final..walking down the ice wiping her eyes from the tears. Then to read how she felt she "disappointed everyone" by "losing the gold". Well I must be the oddball here and a bit of a Daffy Duck but not for one second did I as a Canadian Sports fan ever feel let down by this wonderful team who shared the Olympic experience with us every single day.
    The only disappointment was that the journey was over and two years later it's like something is still missing being on the ice in that dream-like drama.
    That was a pure Heaven.
    Dont forget you and Sweden both ended up with a 9-2 record over the Event and they just beat you when it may have counted that tiny bit more.
    Thanks Girls for allowing us to be right there with you.
    The Journey was the Gold medal and we will never ever forget you!!
    Love and big hugs!!!