Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tournament of Hearts Wallpaper

Some of the best captures took during the Tournament of Hearts from the 2009 edition. What is great with pictures is that there is always a way to make them feel new again. Those are a bit more then a year old, quite recent I'd say! Cheryl was blonder, but she didn't change much: she always had that unforgettable gaze that is somehow intimidating and shows such a determination. And, images say a lot, there are some here screaming : "haaaaaaaaaaard", like only Cheryl can.

This year, Cheryl and her team were getting ready for the Olympics, so , they didn't participate to the Provincials. They considered playing it but they choose to aim on the Olympics preparation, which paid off, winning a silver medal. The Scotties was held from January 30th to February 7th.

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