Sunday, March 28, 2010

She is over it, we should move on too

I am so so tired to read articles about how the Gold Medal slipped away from Cheryl Bernard's hands at the Olympics that I am going to create her own blog where this is the only time you are going to read this. Yes, because, the foursome won the silver, didn't they?

They could have missed the medal round, they could have missed in the semifinal, but no, they made it the final round, and fans of the famous skip from Alberta, know that she was herself disappointed about how the match ended, but, she is over it, and we should move on too.

They were black stallions going into those Olympics: nobody from the curling world was expecting them to be there at the first place. They won in a dramatic way their ticket at the Olympics Trial "Roar of the Rings", Team Bernard losing only 1 match in the entire tournament.

Also, this blog will never refer to Cheryl as a curlgar: I guess Simmons didn't mean any disrespect but Cheryl Bernard suits her fine and the high class curler she is doesn’t need any nickname.

And, this will also be the only time we’ll talk about the rumor about the naked picture Cheryl would have done for “the women of curling calendar”: it’s not her!

So, on this blog, I will gather information and about Cheryl Bernard and her team -Cori Bartel, Carolyn Darbyshire and Susan O’Connor-, past, present and future. I will add some precious pics, even short videos and some of my own desktop creations and icons to honor this great foursome and most especially, this incredible woman who led her team to a great silver medal. Susan O’Connor won’t argue with that, easing the weight of this loss from Cheryl Bernard’s shoulders saying publicly right after the match to her skip that she lead them there and she wouldn’t have anybody else in the world to throw that last stone.

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