Wednesday, March 31, 2010

World Curling Tour Players’ Association Announces 2009-10 Award Nominees

The World Curling Tour Players’ Association announced today its list of nominees for the 2009-10 World Curling Tour Players’ Association Awards.

All five awards – Men’s Most Valuable Player, Women’s Most Valuable Player, Men’s Team of the Year, Women’s Team of the Year and Rookie Team of the Year – will be voted on by the players.

The winners of each award will be announced during the season-ending Grey Power Players’ Championship, where our ladies are competing. In the Most Valuable Player category, Cheryl and Susan are nominated. It is quite amazing to see Susan standing here in the middle of 3 other skips: Annette Norberg, Jennifer Jones and Even Muirhead.

It is will be a very tight result for sure. If everything is taken in consideration, Cheryl Bernard has been promoting Curling more then any other player ever before all around the world; without competing internationally on a regular basis, without winning a slam, and despite all that, she is standing second on the ranking at the moment, which I think pull her ahead of everybody. But the players are voting for that, so we'll see.

In the team of the year category, our ladies are in nomination, of course, along with Team Jennifer Jones, Team Annette Norberg and Team Even Muirhead.

This is going to be tough: Team Jones won a major this year, was finalist to another slam and got the bronze at the World Championship. Team Norberg won the gold at the Olympics and Team Muirhead had a very good year to, among it, a silver medal at the World Championship.

Team Bernard is standing in the middle of it, winning beautifully the Roar of the Rings Olympics Trial and got the silver there. Then again, the players will decide who is the team of the year. But if you ask me, the fact that 2 women of Bernard Team is nominated, that sounds pretty much like winner here.

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