Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Autumn Gold Curling Classic

The Autumn Gold Curling classic first edition was held during the thanks giving weekend in 1978. The total cash prize then was just $5,000. With hard work and perseverance, today, this event is the first slam of the season and got a total cash prize of $52,000.

Each year, during this tournament, the association distributes the Ray Kingsmith award, which has for goal to recognize an individual for their outstanding contributions to the women’s curling. Cheryl always did her part and her hard work was rewarded in 2003 when she was given this award.

For a number of years, Cheryl was the webmaster responsive for that event. They were ups and downs for Cheryl in this tournament and she won it for the first and only time, back in 1990. Team Bernard as we know it today can certainly get a hold in this trophy!

To conclude this history entry, here’s a few caps from last year against Otts. A match won by team Bernard 6-5 that allowed them to make it to the playoffs. Tomorrow, I’ll share a little video!

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