Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Treat

I don’t especially like entries about loss, but, they can't win them all. Before i started this blog, i didn’t have to talk about tournaments, i was just happy for them when they win and felt for the ladies when they lose, so i always cared! Now, i have this blog, which i have to say, i am happy with, and, i also take care of Team Bernard facebook page and their twitter for them in collaboration with the Skip, so being involved like this make me feel... closer, if I can say so this way.

So, from now, after a tournament, there will be some sort of a special happy entry, either to celebrate a win, or cheer up in the contrary. I am running a little late tonight, but here’s a little clue of tomorrow’s cheer up entry.

Do you remember this?

It is funny because Lanny Mcdonald was one of my favorite Hockey player.

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