Thursday, October 7, 2010

Have Cheryl smile for you

I am outraged at the news that Team Bernard has not yet secured a long-term sponsorship deal... how is that possible? Having your company's name on the jackets of these four amazing women before an audience of millions is very appealing to me! The Canada Cup, the Continental Cup, the Skins Games… What a great year in perspective!

Look around and ask: everybody remembers Team Canada at the Olympics and they all know the values of this team: integrity, commitment, high performance, teamwork, to name only a few… I’d say having your company associated to these great women is a chance you have to seize.

Curling is a sport on the rise. If you own an organization or know of an enterprise that would like to join the team as they embark on the road to 2014, please let Team Bernard know. See their complete sponsorship information package on Team Bernard official website.

Some pics of that package, and, watch the promo video right here.

1 comment:

  1. It's hard to believe that they don't have a long term sponsor. Silver medal winners! Their team dynamics are appealing to women, we can't deny Cheryl is highly appealing to men, so one would think they'd be any company's publicity dream. I have yet to hear them say (or do) anything that doesn't reinforce the ideas of team work, effort and optimism. If I owned a business, that's what I'd like potential customers to think of when they saw my company name!