Sunday, January 30, 2011

Alberta Scotties Update

Team Bernard run came to an end this afternoon with a loss to Nedohin in what was a strange match with several momentum shifts and at the end, the result wasn’t in the favor of our girls. I hate having to announce that they lost, but I am telling you, having to tell that they lost that one, kills me. They wanted it so badly, I wanted it so badly, and I bet, a lot of you, wanted it so badly for them.

The deception was obvious in Cheryl’s crystal eyes when her last rock didn’t make it to the four foot. “That was too bad. You know what, you couldn’t have asked for an easier shot. I kinda yanked it a little bit and I knew once it got to the slide path it would probably slow down a bit. I just didn’t throw enough. You couldn’t ask for an easier shot. I just didn’t make it. That’s all you want to have, the four foot, especially against these teams. That’s not such a tough shot,” insisted Bernard.

The truth is, no one can make all the shoots all the time, even as great as they are, it just happened at a very bad time.

"Obviously, we've just had an incredible ride and last year was absolute magic," said Morris. "That's the disappointing part about here; I, particularly, didn't come out with my 'A' game today and you always regret those and wish that you could carry on."

"Winning the provincial title would have capped off a long, great run and it would have been great to get there, with family and stuff," said Bernard, who has roots in Prince Edward Island.

Overall, a semi final wouldn’t be so bad, if the stake wouldn’t have been that high. But the Skip says so : « I'm proud of the team. We've had a good year for it being a relaxed year. We didn't put a lot into this year, we didn't work as hard as normally do, and we played well. So we'll see what the future holds."

I don't know for you, but I am still very proud of what they accomplished so far this season. Last year was a dream for them but it was also so exhausting mentally, and none of us can imagine that unless they were in their position.

Hang on in there, keep on working and having that great attitude, it paid off before, it will pay off again. I feel that the future still holds pretty things for Team Bernard. :)

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