Saturday, January 22, 2011

Team Bernard can be proud

Cheryl and her teammates surely gave a scare to Martin today. The Girls were “this close” to beat the Boys. In the first part, Team Bernard made some awesome shots while Team Martin members were still trying to figure out the ice. On the second part, the men put themselves together and took the fifth end but still the women were still holding their part of the bargain big time. The seventh end had a 7500$ value and I’d say it was the only end that our favourite foursome had a little low: unfortunately, it determined also who would go to the final, and Martin got his 2 points . That last end was worth 6500$ and despite knowing that they would not go to the final, Bernard scored 2 to finish their day with a 10 000$ in gain while Martin got 11 000$.

Pretty close and with that result, Bernard proves that she can compete with the best male curlers on the planet.

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