Thursday, January 13, 2011

Continental Cup Update

Team Bernard was playing against Team Schoop today and our Girls did a very good job winning the first match of the day, 6-2. Team North America now as the lead 30-6 since in addition of the 2 women matches wins out of 3 this morning, Team North American won all their mixed doubles. Susan was playing with Shawn Rojeski and they won a tight match 7-6.

“Every little point’s going to count, because at the end it could be a two- or three-point difference,” said Bernard, the defending Olympic silver medallist at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games, whose rink includes Susan O’Connor, Carolyn Darbyshire, and Cori Morris. “You don’t want all that pressure on the last day, either. You build up a little bit of a (points) bank, it probably helps.

“And for us, even, to feel good on the ice and come off with a win was really nice, since it’s the first time for us here,” added Bernard. “And it’s really neat to play for an entire (24-person) team. It’s different. You’re usually playing for you. Halfway through, when they were all cheering because we got a couple of points, I thought, yeah, it feels good playing for a big team like this.”

“I never play with that many rocks, but European teams love it,” chuckled Bernard. “And I’m practising for a skins event next weekend, so I need the practice.

“We got rocks set up pretty good in the middle ends, there, and getting a good lead on this ice was important.”

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