Monday, February 7, 2011

Between the Sheets update : January 2011 - A month Team Bernard won't forget

In the entry, Cheryl talks about Team Bernard’s frantic January : the Continental Cup, the Skins, the Provincials.

She talks about her book and about the Alberta Provincial Men’s curling Championships, in which her husband, Terry Meek, will be competing. Go Team Meek Go!
She also takes the time to thank the staff of the Provincials, and despite the loss and the fact that Team Bernard won’t compete till late March, she promotes her sport as the season is in full swing. She also thanks the fans for their support, and me, and my friends Bill and Cris. I guess all of you didn’t have any doubt, but here’s another proof that Cheryl is class act woman.

To read all about it, go on the Canadian Curling Association Website.

Bill is a long time supporter of Cheryl, and the root of my adventure with Team Bernard. So I, too, thank you Bill. Cris amazingly designed Team Bernard’s website and without noticing it, I turned my best friend into a curling fan; easy to do when the team you are cheering for is Team Bernard. ;)

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