Monday, February 28, 2011

The Tournament of Hearts

2011 edition of the Scotties is behind us. All Team Bernard’s followers know that our favorite team didn’t win the provincials so, it was Kleibrink squad that represented Alberta: they didn’t make it to the playoffs. No, this year, it is Amber Holland that stole the victory in the 10 ends when Jennifer Jones last stone rolled too far. Stole: maybe not, Team Saskatchewan dominated all week. Maybe they won this one with a little bit of luck, but hey, you gotta be good to be lucky!

It will be good for Curling that another team will represent Canada on international events – and good for Jones. If we learn more by losing, maybe it was destiny that the talented skip fell short. No one can deny that she is one great curler, but let say that a few things happened and many people doubt at her sportsmanship, with good reasons. So, it is an occasion for her to prove many things.

It is Nova Scotia that won the bronze medal after defeating the young and talented Ontario Team lead by Homan. 2 thumbs up to Nova Scotia Skip Heather Smith-Darcey, usually third, who replaced the veteran Colleen Jones out with a meningitis, in a brilliant way.

So, back to our favorite Skip: It wouldn’t be surprising to see Team Bernard at the Scotties within a couple of year. If everything happens for a reason, she didn’t decide to go for another 4 years just like that. Most probably the first reason was because she loves this sport, but if she keeps going, it’s because she still has the passion and believe there are still things to accomplish out there and winning a provincials is certainly one of them. Many people have to be ready to win events, Cheryl Bernard is reading to win a Scotties.

In the next days, I am going to share some informations about Team Bernard at the Scotties starting with this 2007 picture of Cheryl warming up before her match again Kelly Scott.

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