Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Team Bernard is preparing to part company

We knew it was just a matter of time, but that time has come, too fast, and at the end of the present curling season, Team Bernard members will go part ways. There are no hard feelings, they were ready for that. That last year together was a bonus for them, but, most of all, a bonus for all the fans and supporters out there.

As for each member’s future, there aren’t any plants established yet, so we don’t know who go where and who will do what, but, it might not be a surprise to see them all back on the ice again, with different teams, with different purposes. Let’s not forget those ladies are curlers at heart!

I will keep you posted on what their decision will be. As for Cheryl, she hasn’t made any decision at which level she will play at this time either but one thing for sure, she said she can't imagine her life without curling.

But ladies, gentlemen, this is not over yet. Our ladies have still butt to kick out there with 2 tournaments left to play. By then, they will know where they’re heading and that time will help ease up the emotion of these last moments together as a team.

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