Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cheryl Bernard Page gains popularity

Today, is a special day for Cheryl Bernard Page : First of all, it is my hundredth entry already. Secondly, if you search Cheryl Bernard on google blog, Cheryl Bernard Page is number one. If you google Cheryl Bernard Page on the web, this Cheryl Bernard page is in the top five. Thirdly, lately, there was a lot of traffic in here; I think I doubled my number of viewers. And finally, the wallpaper I am sharing with you, as a tribute to is the two hundredth picture I’ll be posting.

This wallpaper is quite special, not only because it is picture number 200, but also because it shows how inspiring Cheryl Bernard and her team are, from ocean to ocean: It was made especially for me by my best friend and she lives in Spain. I hope you will love this wallpaper like I do.

I have to thank Bill, a good friend, who’s been promoting my page: and he’s been promoting it so well, that I was lucky enough to get few words from the muse of this page, Cheryl Bernard herself.

Thanks to Cheryl, thanks to Susan, Carolyn and Cori, for all the accomplishments of these past years, you’ve been a source of inspiration for many.

* If you want to use this great wallpaper, be my guest! But if you want to post it or use it on a page or website, do not forget to add a link and credit the creator, thank you! *


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  2. I am the living proof that this woman is an inspiration. Cheryl and you, cause you made me read about curling and honestly, curling in Spain? But there you are with your stories about her commitment and the camaraderie... And I can't help but think this is what sports should be about, not that frenzy competitive and money-making craze over soccer that we endure over here.

    So thank you Valerie for showing me the good side of sports and big thanks to Cheryl for being such a great example and inspiration!

  3. Hi Val,

    Thanks for thanking me. You continue your fabulous work and never stop amazing me with all the stuff you dig up.
    As you know, Cheryl told me that there are things on your site that she, herself, hadn't seen!
    Keep up the great work and glad you're getting more followers. This site is a must see for any Cheryl or Team Bernard fan!

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