Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting to know... Dennis Balderston

Behind Team Bernard, there is a person that got a very important role into their success: their coach, Dennis Balderston. The work he does with them is really meaningful providing consistent expert direction helping them to stay focused and calm. Dennis has been coaching Cheryl for about 10 years. Career highlights: Coached two Alberta women’s champions (Cheryl Bernard in 2007 and 2009); played in one Brier (1990, as lead for Harold Breckenridge) and two Canadian senior men’s championships (1996 and 1997, as second for Harold Breckenridge).
By the way, seems we missed his birthday. It was also on June 21st, just like Cori. As it is never too late to do the right thing, all my best wishes to Dennis who has been doing a terrific job to guide Cheryl and her team through the years.

1 comment:

  1. Belated best Birthday wishes, Dennis!

    Great job on the 2009-10 season with Team Bernard /Canada.
    As an ex-Albertan and avid follower of great curling back there.. I am hoping you and the Team decide to go for the best season possible again. Maybe tighten a few screws..consider a few new and creative ideas.
    The ladies have earned their scars now ( I think I see a few more white hairs on your head 2 )..
    They are the best Women's Curling Team in Canada..
    so relax and just go with the waves.

    Looking forward to enjoying you all on the sheets.