Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vancouver 2010 - Screen Caps part II - Match 3

I posted information regarding Team Bernard's match against Team Schoepp, including match review, summary, pictures and a video of the last point of the match here, but there were some important favorite screen caps still to discover. Here are some carefully selected images from this match that required an extra end for the victory 6-5.

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  1. Since Team Schoepp ( Germany) eventually won the World title..Team Bernard ( Canada) proved they can beat the top Team. They also beat Team Norberg ( Sweden) in the RR so..the conclusion to that is pretty clear.
    This Bernard Team took themselves to the "summit" of the Women's Curling World.

    One just hopes they now have a stronger belief in their individual selves and have fully realized the unbreakable "power" of Team effort.
    Like a chain, each link adds to the strength of the whole.