Friday, September 17, 2010

2010 Shoot-out: summary day 2

It was a hard day at the office for Team Bernard, if I can say so this way. Our foursome was playing 2 matches and lost both of them. Those were really tight matches though with critical last end, so it’s not like they were totally out of the game, they are just a little rusty. After a crazy winter season, they decided to take the whole summer off which is not their usual plan. There is no doubt that they are going to get back on track for the next tournament. This one is not over yet, 2 matches left to play and even thought there is no chance of making it to the playoffs, our girls will certainly tried to end it on a positive note.

Attached below, you can find the statistics and the current standing on the Shoot out, and a very interesting article with quotes from our Skip about this tournament, a look back on the Olympics and her thoughts about the new season.

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