Monday, September 20, 2010

Cheryl at the Terry Fox run

Yesterday, I played the journalist and reported Cheryl’s thoughts about the Terry Fox Marathon of hope, but today, an image and some words are even better. Short but sweet, enjoy!

For more pictures about the event, check out the Calgary Sun. You can also see the complete video on CTV website.


  1. Olyan jó,hogy vannak ilyen emberek,akik kis örömöket hoznak a szomorú hétköznapokba!Ez nagyszerű4Én személyesen köszönöm innen Magyarországról!
    Thank you,Cheryl!

  2. Competing one day, marching the next... this woman is unstoppable!

  3. Nyagu said (not sure): I found it fantastic that Cheryl found the time to do those kind of things! THank you from Hungary!