Saturday, October 8, 2011

Autumn Gold Update

First match was a big battle that Team Bernard managed to win 8-6 against Team Homan. It is a steal of 3 in the fifth that turned things around for the Squad.

Second match was another tight game and with Asham curling tour website having technical problem, it made the suspense last longer – we didn’t really needed that but that was a spectacular come back of our girls – It was 5-3 Thurston heading to the last head, Bernard with the hammer and they brilliantly scored 3 to get away with the win.

Next match Sunday morning at 9.00 (mt) and they will face Team Overton Clapham.

Here some thoughts of our Skip regarding this importance of this tournament for them: “It’s big for us. We want to get into the provincials, so this is a big event on the Alberta tour, and it’s big for us on the Order of Merit to get into the Players’ Championship, and it’s huge for the Olympic Trials qualifying points. “But it’s not close enough for me to start worrying about. A year out from it, the carrot starts to dangle pretty close and you get more focused on it. But right now, there’s so much to take our time that I don’t know that I’m really thinking about it.”

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