Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What’s up Carolyn ?

2010 Olympic Silver Medalist and unforgettable second played a couple of events with Team Kleibrink. Shannon, recovering from a surgery, asked Darbyshire to join her team for the Twin Anchors and the Autumn Gold: third and second moved up to include her. It went so well that the squad skipped by Amy Nixon won the Twin Anchors and go on winning 13 straight matches till they lost to Cathy O. in the Autumn Gold final this weekend.

What an impressive style she has! And I am not the only thinking this… Read Calgary Herald article about it and grab the original of this picture while you there.

Carolyn is supposed to play a couple of events with Team Bernard but I bet Shannon will keep her close for further replacements too. If Carolyn ever got to choose between the 2, maybe the outfit will make a difference? I would choose without any hesitation the DQ - Airdrie Dodge Jeep- Asham - SierraSil flashy jacquet over this grey/white dot shirt. That was the fashion minute! ;)

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