Sunday, October 9, 2011

Autumn Gold update

Team Bernard was back on the ice early on the morning to go against Team Overton Clapham. That was a tight match till the very end when Cathy O. Scored 3 to settle a win over our squad 7-3. So the long road it will be as Team Bernard slides to the C event but the important thing: they still had a chance to make it to the playoffs.

Later, they had an appointment with Team Scheidegger and didn’t miss it winning 6-4 to go on in the tournament setting up a meeting with Kelly Scott. The woman from Kelowna has a pretty good record against Cheryl and maybe that’s why things got a little complicated as Team Scott steal one in the eight end to force an extra but at the end, Bernard was stronger and scored 3 to win 8-5.

So, Ladies and gentlemen, our Girls have a spot in the playoffs. The action starts at 9.00am (mt) Monday morning.

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