Monday, October 24, 2011

Manitoba Lotteries results : Semi Finalist

Quarter match went okay – the 2 teams hold up like they could, i’d say none of them was playing their best curling, but Bernard came out stronger at the end and they recorded a win to advance in semi final. Team Bernard 4 Team Jones 3.

So, next opponent was Nedohin. It always been tight between those 2 skips and that was no different until Nedohin stole 2 in the fifth, then forced Bernard to take only one and confirmed by scoring two with the hammer. Team Bernard tournament ended there with a 6-2 loss but another qualification to the playoffs.

It is always a disappointment to lose. We are competitors, we want to win. And when you go back to the locker room without the trophy, that doesn’t mean you haven’t win anything but you have to look on the bright side to stay positive, learn from that and eventually be the one that brings back the trophy and in Team Bernard’s case, that not so difficult to do that :

That was a tough weekend: after two straight losses, they bounced back and despite the struggle, they managed to dig in, win five straight matches and made it to the playoffs. Winning without playing an A game, it can only gets better, especially when you are a new team.

A semi final: that’s a pretty good result! Even more so when you were part of the playoffs on the fourth other tournaments you’ve been competing in since the season started. That is consistency!

And, sometimes, you just got a bit lucky and things are settled in a way that you got just enough points to get back on top of the CTRS standings. But like they said, you gotta be good to be lucky!

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