Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Alberta Scott Provincial

That is going to be a tough tournament in Alberta, like it is always in this province, but even more so this year since 6 teams are in the top 10, our Squad leading, despite being seeded second. Team Bernard will have a lot to do if they want to win this and here are some quotes from Bernard and Olson-Johns.

"It's going to be exactly like any other big event when you have that many good teams - you have to get a little luck, you have to get a little hot, and you have to love the ice, and then things work out," but you can't look too far ahead when you go into it because of the level of the field. It's unbelievable; every game will be hard." -Cheryl Bernard.

“It just speaks volumes of the depth in Alberta curling. You look at this field and anybody can be on the podium at the end of this week. That’s what makes it so exciting. You’ve got to be at your best to win.” -Lori Olson-Johns.

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